Level 2 Awards in the use of a Chainsaw and Related Operations


It is a range of practical assessments covering all aspects of chainsaw work. There is a minimum requirement that all candidates have to take covering preparation and maintenance of the saw and on site preparation and basic cross cutting. Once the minimum requirement has been achieved there are a wide range of units that can be taken which are appropriate to the user's job role.

Due to the nature of the chainsaw operations some of the additional units have to be taken in a certain order to ensure that the right skills are in place. For example the unit for Climbing trees and performing aerial rescue has to be completed before taking the unit Operate a chainsaw from a rope and harness.

  • CS30.1 Prepare and maintain the chainsaw
  • CS30.2 On site preparation and basic cross cutting
  • CS31 Fell and process small trees
  • CS32 Fell and process medium sized trees
  • CS34 Sever individual uprooted trees
  • CS35 Sever multiple wind blown trees
  • CS38 Climbing trees and performing aerial rescue
  • CS39 Operate a chainsaw from a rope and harness
  • CS40 Carry out pruning operations
  • CS41 Undertake sectional felling
  • CS42 Stump protection
  • CS43 Fell utility poles
  • CS45 Arboricultural ground worker
  • CS46 Re-pollard trees at a maximum height of 5 metres
  • CS47 Operate a chainsaw from a MEWP
  • CS48 Powered pole pruner
  • CS50 Damaged tree techniques

This is a practical test where the assessor observes the candidate completing a series of tasks relevant to the unit they are being assessed for. The assessor will also ask questions to check understanding, for example, the candidate could be asked about the principles behind the task being undertaken, applicable legislation, operator health and safety and the importance of saw maintenance.

At the end of the assessment the candidate will know if they are successful or not.

Many candidates take a training course to make sure that they have the knowledge, skills and resources to be successful at assessment. Training can be provided through independent training providers, colleges or local training groups.

A selection of training providers are listed at nptc.org.uk

These are training providers who are part of CPTC ltd:
Duchy College - duchy.ac.uk
Kensey Training - kenseytraining.co.uk
Kernow Training - kernowtraininggroup.co.uk
Lyhner Training - lynhertraining.co.uk