School to School Support & Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)

School to school support, run from Carmel Teacher Training Partnership, has supported schools from a range of different settings and locations form Gateshead to Hartlepool, Blyth to Stockton and have shown to make positive differences for staff and students including enabling an entire school to achieve a “good” rating in their OFSTED of 2020.

School to School Support Lead: Joanne Walker

"As a successful curriculum leader, Joanne believes that geography helps students understand the complexities of the world in which they live. She is committed to supporting students in reaching their potential and confidently participating in a highly competitive world. Initiatives and strategies that Joanne has been involved with include tracking, improving assessments and introducing a range of thinking skills and enquiries. She delivers on both the NPQML and NPQSL courses, as well as writing and delivering CPD for staff. In addition she has completed the VIP coaching in schools course to enhance her skills of listening and empowering staff and students."

We offer bespoke packages of support either for individual staff or for departments. This can include a full departmental audit, looking at a sequence of lessons, the types and appropriateness of assessments, sequencing of lessons or specialist training in exam techniques and materials.


Additional school support can be provided by SLEs and our Primary Regional System Lead. SLEs can be deployed to offer support in the following areas:



Early Years


Modern Foreign Languages


Special Education Needs



Religious Education


Leadership of Curriculum

School Business Management