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The Archimedes NE Maths Hub is a collaborative network of schools and teachers, designing, facilitating, and evaluating programmes to support teachers in their mathematics professional development so as to achieve positive experiences for pupils in the maths classroom and thus better outcomes.

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Maths Hub Lead: Rose-Marie Rochester


"Rose-Marie was designated as a maths SLE in 2013, which was the formal beginning of her work with other schools in the north east. Rose-Marie has been the Maths Hub Lead for the Archimedes NE maths hub since its inception in 2014; broadening her experience of working with teachers to improve maths provision and thus outcomes for children. She is an accredited PD Lead and the Maths Lead for the Bishop Hogarth CET. Rose-Marie is especially interested in embedding teaching for mastery across all phases so as to build pupils’ confidence and competence with their maths. Rose-Marie is happily married to Tim and they have been blessed with five wonderful children."

The Archimedes NE Maths Hub develops and delivers Work Groups across all phases of mathematics. These are free or funded for participant teachers from schools in County Durham, Hartlepool, Redcar and Cleveland, Darlington, Stockton and Middlesbrough. In collaboration with the NCETM, the Hub’s Leadership and Management team work collaboratively with over 30 Local Leaders of Maths Education to facilitate Workgroups in the following areas:


Early Years:

Building Firm Foundations
Subject Knowledge for Early Years.


Mastery Readiness
Primary Teaching for Mastery -Development
Primary Teaching for Mastery - Embedding
Primary Teaching for Mastery -Sustaining Subject Knowledge for Primary
Subject Knowledge for Teaching Assistants


Secondary Teaching for Mastery -Development
Secondary Teaching for Mastery -Embedding
Secondary Teaching for Mastery -Sustaining
Mathematical Thinking for GCSE
Y5-Y8 Continuity
Challenging Topics at GCSE

Level 3:

Developing A Level Pedagogy
Partnerships: Working Partnerships with ITT providers

Each year some funding is available for local innovation and research Work Groups. This year we will be looking to provide programmes for:

Alternative Provision
SEND Provision in Mainstream
The Language of Mathematics
NQT/RQT Covid Recovery

All our CPD opportunities are based on collaborative approaches, many focusing on teaching for mastery. The aim is to improve the classroom experience of children and young people across the north east by giving their teachers the knowledge and understanding to develop their practice and thus produce positive experiences in maths classrooms, and in turn better outcomes.

“Working with the Maths Hub has helped to really focus on next steps and priorities and thus feed into our School Self Evaluation. The Hub has signposted lots of additional opportunities to access training, including developing leadership capacity and to be involved in specialist programmes e.g. Early Years"

“My knowledge and understanding of how to enable children to master maths concepts has increased a great deal and I now feel more confident to lead the subject. The TRG sessions are invaluable and provide a network of support and advice”

“The highly skilled mathematics leader is part of a mathematics ‘hub’ and she provides support to several schools in her role as a primary specialist in mathematics. This high level of expertise enables her to implement a high-quality policy, increase staff subject knowledge, raise expectations and regularly review pupils’ work in books. As a result, pupils achieve well in mathematics and present their work accurately.”

“I would recommend this project as it has confirms aspects of our mastery development and has provided support to embed maths into routines."