Carmel Research School

Carmel Research School is proud to be part of the National Research schools network of 28 Research schools across the country. Research Schools aim to lead the way in engaging schools the effective use of evidence and help develop a critical understanding within leaders and practitioners. They work with the other schools in their network to help them to make better use of evidence to inform their teaching and learning.

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Research School Lead: Joanne Walker – Director of Carmel Research School

"Joanne leads the Carmel Research School. As a successful curriculum leader, Joanne believes that geography helps students understand the complexities of the world in which they live. She is committed to supporting students in reaching their potential and confidently participating in a highly competitive world. Initiatives and strategies that Joanne has been involved with include tracking, improving assessments and introducing a range of thinking skills and enquiries. She delivers on both the NPQML and NPQSL courses, as well as writing and delivering CPD for staff. In addition she has completed the VIP coaching in schools course to enhance her skills of listening and empowering staff and students."


School-led support for evidence-based practice There are many evidence-based resources and tools available to help improve teaching practice and raise the attainment of pupils, but it can be difficult to get research into schools in ways that really make a difference in the classroom. Research Schools aim to lead the way in the use of evidence-informed practice. Through the network they will share what they know about putting research into practice, and support schools in their region to make better use of evidence to inform their teaching and learning so that they really make a difference in the classroom. They will do this by: · Encouraging schools in their network to make use of evidence-based programmes and practices through regular communication and events · Providing training and professional development for senior leaders and teachers on how to improve classroom practice based on the best available evidence · Supporting schools to develop innovative ways of improving teaching and learning and providing them with the expertise to evaluate their impact. Carmel Research School is working with schools and Local Authorities to partner train and deliver much needed support and guidance. We do this through webinars, taster sessions, our regional research libraries, research network meetings and much more through to embedded 3 day programmes and bespoke coaching.

“Thank you so much for the time you took to talk to us today. We gained so much from it and we’ll are looking forward to devising our plan”